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Nop Language Href Tags

add language tags as canonical dynamically inside the website Google uses hreflang tags to match the user's language preference to the right variation of your pages.

Nop Accelerated Mobile Pages

Nop Accelerated Mobile Pages , Dynamically enable your version of AMP page. 1- you will get support for installation and confiquration we are ready to make a teamviewer meeting in case of any problem appear 2- you will get free update to next version 3- please feel free to ask any question related to the product 4- You can test your pages hear https://search.google.com/test/amp
$149.99 $65.00

Nop Most Viewed Products

Show Customers Most viewed products, works on home page, Most viewed products by Category , Most view product in manufacture

Nop Google Firebase Push Notification

Push Notification Cloud Messaging service Supported by google. Download trial version 3.9

Nop WaterMark & Cdn Plugin

Watermark all images with logo or text and Allow to Use Cdn

Nop Iyzico Easy Payment

Iyzico - iyziPOS Api full Integration payment module.

Convert Nop Commerce Template 3.8 > 3.9 > 4.0

We are provide a covert service with 24 - 48 hour from any version of e-commerce starting from 3.8 to latest version,